Aphorme was created starting from a shared vision. A vision on how we believe in doing things, in working on a new kind of market, a market that combines old and new methods, local and multinational companies. A mixture that in our view implies always adapting your methods, and instruments, always updating the information you work with, always developing yourself and your partners. We talk about partners because we believe this is the real way of maintaining a productive relationship with your clients, and we believe in working together. Shortly this is the vision Aphorme is based on.


Making sure we never forget what is really important


Aphorme started out on a market where the workforce is more and more specialized, and where the most cost efficient way to organize a company is by outsourcing some specific activities. Through the services it provides, Aphorme tries to meet the specific needs of small and medium companies, but at the same time, offer insights and solutions for the management and marketing departments of larger corporations and institutions.

Aphorme emphasizes the people involved into the general process, whether it is strategic decision making, an employment decision or the decision to buy a certain product. It is all about seeing people as goals and not as simple means. Thus we consider that the most important thing is not just what we can do, but the way in which we choose to do it.
Aphorme considers your company as an open system that cannot be isolated from its environment, nor function independently form it. Keeping specialized and qualified personnel can now be an important competitive advantage. In the present complex and dynamic environment the consumer is also very important. As far as we are concerned your organization starts and also has as a goal, the consumer, the client.

Our objective is to become “my personal consultancy company” for every one of our partners. This implies building a relationship based on trust, honesty and results. A promised always fulfilled.

Aphorme means first of all opportunities. Opportunities, the way we see it, imply continuous development of our offer, and of our clients businesses. Aphorme creates, together with its partner’s new development opportunities.


Focus on people and opportunities, for reliable outcomes.